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Social Labour & Convergence Program

The Social & Labor Convergence Program is a multi-sector, non-profit initiative that aims to eliminate audit fatigue in global supply chains and improve the social and working conditions of companies in these chains. It is applicable to the textile, clothing and footwear industries.

This program provides the tools and system to assess and communicate a comparable set of data on working conditions in organizations that can be used by all industry stakeholders.

Organizations are assessed based on the Converged Assessment Framework (CAF). Social and labor data are collected that can replace other current audit methodologies.

CAF is based on a Data Collection Tool and a verification methodology: together, they provide the necessary tools to produce a set of verified data on social and working conditions in factories. Companies may share this verified data with business partners, including brands and standards holders. Thus, no additional data collection (audits) will be required.


Joining the SLCP involves three steps:
  1. Self-assessment carried out by the organization, or a joint assessment with external assistance, by answering questions about the conditions of its facilities.
  2. Independent verification of data by SLCP approved verifiers (includes site visit and reporting).
  3. Uploading the verified data to a secure portal, where users authorized by the SLCP can access the data with the organization's permission.


APCER is an approved verification body to carry out SLCP verifications in China. It has extensive experience in carrying out social responsibility audits and is an effective member of APSCA.


Benefits of the SLCP audit:

Increase transparency in supply chains;

Reduce the need for repetitive, duplicate, and short-term social audits;

Redistribution of organizational resources to improve working conditions.



Fast audit planning;

Issuance of the report in a short period of time;

Highly competent auditors;

Dedicated customer manager.


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