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Qweb is the IQNet system for the certification of e-commerce and e-business activities throughout the world and ensures the quality of websites.

Any online activity, including e-commerce and e-business, is based on security, reliability and privacy.

This certification is appropriate for any online trading or transaction that companies may carry out with other companies or customers, and that governments may carry out with companies or citizens.

The main benefits of the implementation and certification in accordance with this benchmark include:

Compliance of e-commerce and e-business activity with the highest quality standards;

Priority given to customer expectations;

Assurance that the e-commerce and e-business activities are secure, reliable and customer-friendly;

Competitive advantage for customer confidence;

Guarantee that the website is reliable and legally registered;

Transparency of sales conditions and delivery times;

Security and privacy are applied to the processing of personal and financial information;

Customer complaints are taken into consideration and an extrajudicial dispute service is available online.

Certification Area Quality, IT Security
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