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NP 4457

Research, Development and Innovation

The NP 4457 standard is based on an innovation model and is supported by interfaces and interactions between scientific and technological knowledge, knowledge about the organization and its functioning, and the market or wider society.

The concept of innovation underlying this standard stems from its definition as a wealth-generating mechanism, the impact and usefulness of which results in benefits for organizations and for society.

The standard aims to define the requirements of an effective Research, Development and Innovation (RDI) Management system, allowing the organizations that adopt it to define an RDI policy and achieve their innovation goals.

The standard can be used by any type of organization in the management of its innovation processes. Innovation is understood in its broadest sense and in accordance with the OECD Oslo Manual (2005), including new products (goods or services), processes, and new marketing or organizational methods. Consequently, while technology is one of the fundamental results of research and development, the standard is not limited to that area, i.e., it is also intended for organizations wishing to innovate, not only in terms of technology, but in other areas too.

The main benefits of the implementation and subsequent certification in accordance with this standard include:

Systemizing RDI activities to take advantage of internal “know-how”;

Setting objectives and goals which contribute to the control of resources associated with activities;

Planning, organising and monitoring RDI units;

Improving organizational image and competitiveness in the face of other sector organizations at national and international levels;

Keeping track of technology development so as to predict the market and identify improvement opportunities;

Integrating RDI management with other management systems which are already implemented in the company;

Establishing RDI interaction with other departments and branches of the organization;

Obtaining patented technology enabling a subsequent licence to sell;

Demonstrating the transparency of this activity in the organization to the public administration and to all companies that evaluate RDI projects for possible funding;

Monitoring, identifying improvement opportunities and implementing corrective actions in line with the results obtained through research, development and innovation activities.

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