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IPAC - Instituto Português de Acreditação

The Instituto Português de Acreditação, I.P. (IPAC), established by the Portuguese government through Decree-Law 125/2004 of 31 May, is the national accreditation board responsible for verifying that all certification bodies meet international technical standard.

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ENAC - Entidad Nacional de Acreditación

ENAC - Entidad Nacional de Acreditación - is the agency designated by the Spanish government to operate in Spain as a National Accreditation Body, according to Regulation (EU) nº 765/2008, which regulates the functioning of accreditation in Europe.

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INMETRO - Instituto Nacional de Metrologia, Normalização e Qualidade Industrial

INMETRO is an independent federal agency created by Act No. 5966 of December 11, 1973, CNPJ / MF under No. 00.662.270/0001-68, through the General Coordination for Accreditation - CGCRE; is the organism that elaborates the principles and policies for development, maintenance and operation of accreditation of conformity assessment bodies under the Brazilian System of Conformity Assessment - SBAC, according to the guidelines of the National Metrology, Standardization and Quality Industrial – Conmetro.

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SAAS - Social Accountability Accreditation Services

Social Accountability Accreditation Services is an accreditation body that has the responsibility to recognize and monitor the competence of certification bodies, according to international benchmarks, including the SA 8000 standard, the standard of reference for issues of ethics and working conditions. The SAAS began as a department included in the structure of Social Accountability International (SAI) in 1997 and was formally established in 2007 as a charitable.

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ASI - Assurance Services International

Assurance Services International is an accreditation body for various standards and sustainability initiatives. It monitors the compliance, decision-making and activities of certification bodies through an individual and holistic approach. ASI bases its assessment and accreditation of certification bodies exclusively on proprietary schemes, such as FSC®.

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This association was set up in Brussels by some companies to represent the foreign trade interests of retailers, brands and importers to European and international institutions. Amfori is the leading global association for open and sustainable trade, bringing together more than 2000 retailers, importers, brands and associations from more than 40 countries. Its mission is to enable each of its members to enhance human prosperity, to use natural resources responsibly, and to conduct global trade in an open manner.

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IRCA - International Register of Certificated Auditors

APCER belongs to the Approved Training Partners network of CQI and IRCA, encompassing in its training offer some courses certified by this entity.

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DGERT - Direcção-Geral do Emprego e das Relações de Trabalho

APCER is also recognized as a training entity by DGERT, guaranteeing the best standards of training provided in several areas.

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Certified Auditor Registration

APCER is also recognized as a training entity by DGERT, guaranteeing the best standards of training provided in several areas.

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IQNet - The International Certification Network. 

IQNet was founded in 1990, with the objectives of promoting certifications issued by its members (certification bodies), developing innovative, value-added certification services and being able to respond to clients with a global reach by offering certification services worldwide.

Today, IQNet has its headquarters in Bern, Switzerland and comprises 32 members with over 200 subsidiaries throughout the world (in Europe, the Americas, Asia, Africa and the Middle East).

IQNet partners are selected according to rigorous qualification procedures, using a peer-assessment model based on best practices, which supports continuous improvement and customer orientation. Members provide auditing and certification services that cover more than 50 reference standards, regulations or unique certification schemes. The credibility of these services is proven by more than 40 accreditations and various MLA's (Multilateral Recognition Agreements).

Participation in IQNet ensures international recognition of the certificates issued by APCER, which is demonstrated by the joint and free issuance of IQNet certificates to our clients.

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Benefits of APCER’s participation in IQNet:

Certificates with worldwide recognition:

Through our membership in IQNet, our certificates are recognized worldwide, allowing enabling easier access to foreign markets;

Global Competence:

Our network of partners is a guarantee of proximity to customers/clients, resources and professionals on a truly global scale;

Assured knowledge:

Cooperation between partners and auditors of this international certification network permits the quick and thorough transfer of knowledge where it is needed.

Quality Austria


Headquartered in Austria, Quality Austria - a member of the IQNET or International Certification Network - emerged in 2004 from a merger of three reference bodies: OQS - Austrian Association for the Promotion of Quality and Management Systems, OVQ - Austrian Association for Quality Assurance, OQA - Austrian Society for the Promotion of Quality and AFQM - Austrian Foundation for Quality Management.

The partnerships that Quality Austria has established allows for the provision of services in various markets in Eastern and Southern Europe, Northern Africa, Asia, South and Central America and now in Portugal.

This partnership allows APCER to provide certification services based on the IFS, BRCGS and FSSC 22000 references according to increased international credibility standards and enlist network partners to conduct local audits in other countries.

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Partnership benefits:


As a result of the merger of four reference entities, Quality Austria has decades of experience in certification activities related to management systems, products, and services.


Auditors with proven expertise based on rigorous qualification processes.


Quality Austria's network of partners allows for the rendering of certification services anywhere in the world by enlisting highly qualified local auditors.

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