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APCER 3011

Quality of Service in Bakeries and Pastry Shop

In order to respond to the needs of establishments which sell confectionary, bakery and similar products, with or without their own production, APCER developed the APCER 3011 – Quality of Service in Bakeries and Pastry Shops service specification.

The public recognition and credibility of the bakery and confectionary sector are based on principles which are governed by the quality of the product and service, which are the main pillars of this specification.

APCER 3011 includes requirements that focus on service aspects which are important to the customer – objective and verifiable requirements – wishing to go beyond legal requirements, improve the image of the sector and meet their specific characteristics (e.g. micro-entreprises).

The specification sets out a main body where the service requirements are defined, and it is complemented by an annex where the Control Plan can be found which allows for compliance with the listed requirements to be checked and verified.


The provision of the service includes compliance with a set of requirements associated with the characteristics of this type of activity, which are grouped as follows:
  • Activity planning
  • Provision and reception
  • Storage
  • Preparation and Production
  • Transportation
  • Customer information
  • Customer service
  • Infrastructure and Equipment
  • Hygiene
  • Waste
  • Behaviour and Personal Hygiene
  • Pest Control
  • Management Requirements


Compliance with the requirements of the specification does not affect compliance with legal, national or community requirements, and others to which the management subscribes.

The certification process starts with a concession audit being conducted in the establishment, where the degree of compliance with the requirements of the specification is evaluated. If full compliance with all of the specified requirements can be demonstrated, then certification will be awarded.

Follow-up audits are conducted annually and are brought forward by a mystery customer visit. The mystery customer visit assesses the provision of the service through the purchasing of confectionary, bakery and similar products, without the establishment knowing that it is being assessed.

The certification cycle is 5 years (validity of the certificate), after which a renewal audit will be conducted with equal content to that of the concession audit. In every audit, the auditing team must assess compliance with the requirements defined in APCER 3011, as well as the implementation of the Control Plan defined in the specification.

This document is intended to be a standard to support the continuous improvement and consequent satisfaction of customers and of establishments that sell confectionary, bakery and similar products, with or without their own production.

The main benefits of the implementation and subsequent certification in accordance with this standard include:

The involvement of all employees and staff;

Improved reliability of the operations carried out;

Formalisation of best quality practices in establishments;

Differentiation based on the quality of the product and service;

Demonstrating the organization’s commitment to obtain quality products which are safe for health;

Improving the image perceived by the consumer and the general public.

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