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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Standard?

  • What is Standardization?

  • What are the Technical Standardisation Committees (TSC’s)?

  • What is Accreditation?

  • What is an Audit?

  • What is Certification?

  • What are the main advantages of certification for an organisation?

  • How long can a certification process take?

  • Does Certification entail major changes in my organisation? How to get started?

  • What are the steps in a Certification Process?

  • Why do i have to perform audits on the suppliers of my organisation?

  • Why choose APCER?

Resources and Useful Tools
How does the certification process works
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Accreditations, Recognitions and Partnerships
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Client search and respective Certifications
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Ethics and Values
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Guides and Publications for download
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Frequently Asked Questions
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Useful links
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Contacts and Comercial Support
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