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07 Aug 2023

FSC® Check in operation since July 31st

The FSC® Check is a risk assessment tool developed to ensure that the values of new companies seeking certification are aligned with those of the FSC®, and has been integrated into the trademark license agreement (TLA) signing process.

The FSC Check becomes a mandatory step for new companies that apply for certification, as well as for those that are restarting the FSC system. It is applicable to all individual, group, multi-site and project certification candidates. If the applicant does not complete the FSC verification process in the FSC Check, the application will not be considered.

Existing certificate holders are exempt from completing this FSC verification process.

How does the FSC Check work?

1. APCER creates an access so that the applicant organization can complete the FSC verification process in the FSC Check, which is triggered automatically;

2. The applicant organization receives an email from FSC requesting the creation of an account on FSC Connect;

3. After creating this account, the applicant will receive an email to complete this FSC verification;

4. After completing the questionnaire in the FSC Check, the candidate's information is reviewed by an automated system to detect any of the following risks:

a. Connection with any dissociated company
b. Connection with any blocked company
c. Involvement in any of the six unacceptable activities defined in the FSC Membership Policy.

5. If the system does not detect any risk, the candidate receives an email directing him to the TLA electronic signature process, in the case of individual certificates. For group, multisite, and project certificates, the hard copy of the TLA will be physically signed;

6. If the system detects a risk, the process is put on hold so that FSC can manually verify the submitted information.

Learn more about the FSC Check here.

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