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14 May 2020

First FSC® certification for project FSC-STD-40-006 V2-0

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2BForest has launched 2B_OFFICE, the first Iberian co-working space that is FSC®-certified for using materials from forest with certified responsible management, not only promoting respect for the forest's social, environmental, and economic values but also protecting and valuing the world's forests.

This APCER-certified project is a global pioneer for having implemented a new version of the project standard (FSC-STD-40-006 V2-0), taking on the necessary interpretation challenges of a new benchmark, without losing the focus on promoting to the community the importance of an informed choice of products with forest certification.

This project uses products that mainly originate from species produced in Portugal and whose transformation was carried out by the Portuguese industry. They are products that originate from forest areas and companies that bet on valuation by joining forest certification systems.

An informed choice in selecting the construction materials may influence rural communities and make a crucial contribution to the quality of life in low-density territories.

Susana Brígido
General Director – 2BForest Lda.



Get to know the latest APCER certifications

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Get to know the latest APCER certifications

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