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IQNet - The International Certification Network.

IQNet - International Certification Network is an international non-governmental and not for profit association. Supported by more than 25 years of activity, IQNet is the leading, most credible, and reliable certification bodies network in the world. IQNet network currently has 35 partners which represent more than 400 subsidiaries or branches worldwide, involving more than 40,000 administrative and technical personnel, from which approximately half are auditors.

As one of the representatives and reputable players in the global conformity assessment market, IQNet actively participates in regional and global forums and organizations, investing significant resources and efforts in the credibility, ethics, competence, and value of conformity assessment, for the benefit of its Partners, its clients, and its stakeholders.

Collectively, IQNet partners provide more than 200 different management system certification and/or assessment services. These services are supported both by International Standards (e.g. published by ISO, CEN, et.,) or based on local standards or regulations.

According to IQNet Multilateral Agreement, partners have the right to issue an IQNet Statement (commonly as IQNet Certificate) in conjunction with its own certificates. Through this attestation, both the original certifying IQNet Partner and IQNet Association (representing the rest of the network) recognize that the relevant organization’s management system conforms to the defined standards or specification, including ISO9001 quality management systems (MS), ISO14001 environmental MS, OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety MS and many more.

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Benefits of APCER’s participation in IQNet:

Certificates with worldwide recognition:

Through our membership in IQNet, our certificates are recognized worldwide, allowing enabling easier access to foreign markets;

Global Competence:

Our network of partners is a guarantee of proximity to customers/clients, resources and professionals on a truly global scale;

Assured knowledge:

Cooperation between partners and auditors of this international certification network permits the quick and thorough transfer of knowledge where it is needed.

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