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17 Oct 2022

IQNET DAY 2022 | 11 November

IQNET DAY 2022 | 11 November

November 11 has been selected as the date for IQNET DAY, the annual celebration of IQNET - The International Certification Network, the world's most credible and trustworthy network of certification organizations, and a leader in its field. The theme for this year is “Trustworthy”, reflecting a value the network truly embodies.

As an IQNET member, APCER celebrates the commitment of helping client’s access to trustworthy, innovative, and globally recognized products and services that will bring them greater business, an international presence and sustained growth. The IQNET network currently has 35 partners, with more than 400 subsidiaries and branches all over the world, involving more than 40,000 professionals, of which nearly 20,000 are auditors.

Together, IQNET partners provide over 200 management system certification and assessment services. In addition to their own certificates, they are entitled to issue IQNET certificates, through which IQNET and its partners recognize the compliance of an organization’s management system with defined standards, such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001, to name a few.

An atmosphere of mutual trust reigns within the IQNET network, thanks to constant efforts to boost competition and compliance with internationally recognized requirements and criteria. The network's aim is to build capabilities, resources and services that contribute to its purposes and strategy and, most importantly, promote integrity and competition on the various markets on which it operates.

Visit the IQNET DAY 2022 website!

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