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ISO 14001

Environmental management system

Certification of environmental management systems supported by the ISO 14001 reference standard is an essential tool for organizations that wish to achieve greater confidence among customers, employees, the surrounding community and society, by demonstrating a voluntary commitment to the continuous improvement of their environmental performance.

ISO 14001 adopts the process approach which incorporates the PDCA cycle of continuous improvement and integrates risk-based thinking and the life-cycle perspective. It can be adopted by any organization, public or private, regardless of its size or activity sector.

The main benefits of the implementation and subsequent certification in accordance with this benchmark include:

Achieving strategic objectives by incorporating environmental issues into the management of the organization and by increasing the involvement of senior management and employees in environmental management;

Reduction of the likelihood of environmental risks, such as emissions, spills and other accidents;

Reduction of costs by improving process efficiency (reduction of consumption, minimization of waste and effluent treatment);

Decrease in insurance premiums and minimization of fines and penalties, among others;

Competitive advantages resulting from an improvement of the organization’s image and its acceptance by society and by the market.

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