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14 Oct 2021
In the year of its 25th anniversary, APCER has been named a Corporate Superbrand by Superbrands Portugal for its excellent reputation, competence, credibility, innovation and commitment to society. This is the first year that Superbrands Portugal of the Corporate Superbrand category, an Excellence Brand from a B2B (Business To Business)…
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13 Aug 2021
Two standards that support and optimize the implementation of ISO 9001 requirements have just been updated to bring them in line with the latest version of ISO 9001 - Quality Management System. ISO 10014, Quality management systems -  Managing an organization for quality results - Guidance for realizing financial and…
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05 Jul 2021
The paper on “Statutory and Regulatory requirements" has been revised to provide guidance on auditing the capability of the quality management system to address applicable Statutory and Regulatory (S&R) requirements. The revised version illustrates the diversity of S&R requirements, the relation with the elements of the standard, visual aids to…
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10 May 2021
BRCGS S&D launched a new version (Issue 4) in November 2020, becoming mandatory on 1/05/2021. BRC Storage and Distribution defines a set of good practices that ensure product safety, and the development, implementation and maintenance of the operational management of any organization involved in the storage and / or distribution…
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07 Jan 2021
This year marks the 25th anniversary of APCER. All the success we have achieved over the years would not have been possible without the talent and hard work of all those who day by day contribute to deliver a value-added service that allows differentiation in an increasingly complex and ever-changing…
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13 Nov 2020
Introduction The ISO 9001 Auditing Practices Group (ISO 9001 APG) is a working group of ISO Technical Committee 176: Quality Management and Quality Assurance. Its aim is to spread knowledge and best practice in auditing the requirements of ISO 9001, the reference standard for Quality Management Systems. The group was…
31 Oct 2020
IQNet is the world's most credible and trustworthy network of certification bodies and a leader in its field. It currently has 35 partners with more than 400 subsidiaries and branches all over the world, involving more than 40,000 professionals, of which nearly 20,000 are highly certified auditors.  Altogether, IQNet's partners…
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21 Oct 2020
APCER, as the Certification Body of BSL - Comércio Internacional, SA, hereby invites you, as an interested party, to participate in the public consultation on the supply of controlled forest-based material, to be carried out under the process of extension of the certification of this organization to Mozambique, according to…

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