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ISO10667 2

NP ISO 10667-2

Procedures and Methods to Assess People in Work and Organizational Settings

ISO 10667 “Provision of assessment services. Procedures and methods for the assessment of people in working and organizational contexts” is comprised of two parts:

  • Part 1: Customer requirements
  • Part 2: Requirements for service providers

These standards organize the process of assessing people in working environments from a perspective based on measurable evidence which is applicable at an international level.

In line with this framework, the two standards provide clear and concise guidance for the providers of assessment services and their customers with the aim of allowing all stakeholders and relevant parties to benefit from good assessment practices.

The main benefits of the implementation and subsequent certification in accordance with this benchmark include:

Integration of assessment in the organization’s business (the assessment of people is not the sole responsibility of Human Resources, but is part of an integrated process within an organization);

It enables differentiation and analysis of KPIs (establishing a general and formal assessment procedure with an indicator registration system which allows for easy analysis of the assessment processes, and subsequently establishing efficiency ratios, detecting deviations, as well as implementing improvement actions);

Increased quality and forecasting (the standardization of assessment procedures reduces inaccuracies and influence on the part of the assessor, increasing the quality of results and forecasting abilities);

Increased confidence in assessments (the existence of mistrust towards assessment processes in the working environment is a reality. The implementation of these Good International Practices ensures greater quality, reliability and value of the benefits that the assessments bring to the organization, increasing the confidence of stakeholders and relevant parties).

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