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CE Marking – Construction Products

Construction Products Regulation 2011/305/UE

APCER is an European Commission Notified Body No. 0866, for Regulation (EU) No. 305/2011, Construction Products Regulation (CPR), which determines the conditions for placing or making available construction products on the market.

The CPR became fully effective on 1st July 2013, revoking the Construction Products Directive, 89/106/CEE, with direct and mandatory application in all Member States without needing to be transposed into the national legislative acquis.

APCER carries out conformity assessments of products belonging to several families.


More information:

European Commission

The conformity assessment and the monitoring of CE Marking by APCER have the following objectives:

Checking compliance with legal requirements;

Demonstrating that the products are suitable for their intended purpose;

Ensuring the removal of barriers to trade and to the free movement of products within the EU;

Increasing the confidence of consumers and customers.

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