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eIDAS Regulation

Electronic identification (eID) and trust services for electronic transactions (eTS)

On 23rd July 2014, the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union adopted EU Regulation No. 910/2014 on electronic identification and on reliable services for electronic transactions in the domestic market (better known as "eIDAS" regulation), with regard to the rules governing the provision of reliable services. The 15-year European directive on a community framework for electronic signatures (Directive 1999/93/CE) has thus been repealed.

eIDAS’ main goal is to establish a common European base for reliable and secure electronic interaction, increasing the confidence and security of online transactions in the European Union and encouraging greater use of online services by citizens, economic operators and public administration. It establishes a wide variety of reliable services as well as the mutual cross-border recognition of electronic means of identification (eID) and is thus bringing about an important change for today’s European digital market.

Aiming at the digital market and at a paperless world, eIDAS is opening the way to “end-to-end” electronic transactions and processes which are replacing traditional activities and manual processes while maintaining the same legal value.

The main opportunities of organizations that implement reliable services are clear:

Increased efficiency of business procedures;

Reduction of operational costs;

Business development;

Building a competitive advantage./p>

APCER is a conformity assessment body approved by IPAC (Portuguese Institute for Accreditation) for the following reliable services:

Electronic signatures;

Electronic seals;

Time stamps;

Authentication of websites.

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