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Certification of People

Certification of People

Aware of the importance that the recognition of Auditor Qualification can have in the development of a professional career in the Management field, APCER provides a service which allows for assessing and recognising the skills of a professional who conducts management system audits, namely:


  1. Certification of Auditors of Quality, Environment and Food Safety management systems (for the Lead Auditor, Auditor and Internal Auditor qualifications), and Occupational Health and Safety (for the Internal Auditor qualification).


Certification of Auditors by APCER is therefore presented as the Recognition of Professional Expertise, in an increasingly competitive market, which is of value to certified professionals and to the organizations in which they collaborate.

The credibility of the certification of people is enhanced by APCER’s proven experience in the certification of management systems. It is a leader in this market in Portugal.


APCER’s Auditor Certifcation process is supported in ISO 19011 and comprises distinct evaluation stages:
  • Curriculur assessment;
  • Written and Oral Assessment (the latter is only applicable at Lead Auditor and Auditor qualifications).


We guarantee the Impartiality, Independence and technical support required for and inherent in this process, through the participation of renowned national experts in the Evaluation Panel, and through the use of proven interpretations of management systems and internationally standardized auditing practices within IQNet.


Evaluation Panel:


Eng.ª Cristina Effertz - (Chairman)

Eng.ª Isabel Pereira

Dr. José Neves

Eng.º Ricardo Teixeira (APCER member)



Eng.ª Cristina Effertz - (Chairman)

Eng.º Ricardo Teixeira (APCER member)



Eng.º João Gusmão (Chairman)

Prof. Tim Hogg

Eng.ª Gabriela Pinheiro (APCER member)


Certification of skills by APCER allows professionals to:

Stand out from other auditors in a very competitive market;

Develop their skills through periodic reviews and reassessments;

Demonstrate that their auditing skills are kept up-to-date;

Demonstrate their commitment to ethics through compliance with the code of conduct;

Gain visibility by becoming part of the Certified Auditors list on APCER’s website, including for organizations that are looking for qualified professionals;

Support career development with a recognised qualification: APCER is approved for the Certification of Auditors and Lead Auditors of Quality.

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